The Association likes to think that ALL our members become part of a Martial Arts Family, We like to come visit our members to observe & learn from each other.
We pride ourselves on helping ALL members obtain training as well as providing courses such as Health & Safety, DBS/CRB, Fire Assessments, GDPR, First Aid, Seminar's, Multi-Style Budo Course's, Black Belt Only Courses.

On becoming a member of The T.R.S.A.O.M.A we give you & your students a Licence Book & training Insurance at a Competitive price.

We can also provide you with teaching insurance under the T.R.S.A.O.M.A Banner.
As an Instructor you must by law have instructors insurance & Instructors Liability, we can offer this at Competitive price too.

We also can provide the T.R.S.A.O.M.A Instructors training course with certification.

For Gradings you get in touch with us & tell us how many Certificates you require for Kyu grades & we send these out to you (1 months notice required so we are able to get them to you in time), we register & hold your returned Pass grade sheet along with set grading fee.
We believe in the traditional ways that you can only grade up to 2 grades below your belt (i.e Nidan degree black belts can only grade up to ikkyu Brown/ gold tag / equivalent in your style).
We hold Dan Gradings Every November @ Multi-Style Budo Course's & are set to price fee. All Dan Grades Are again registered & paper trail kept as well as your club and level of Dan been placed on to our OFFICIAL DAN GRADE's page.

Our opening times are Monday to Sunday 09:00am to 10:00pm. Tel :- 07858944598 (If we can not answer your call straight away please leave us a brief message & we shall get back to you as soon as possible).
Don't like using the Phone, not a problem, E-Mail Us :-
or you can find us on :- and message us through there.


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