Sensei Penny Siddle 1st started training in Tomiki Aikido in 1998 under the teachings of Sensei Bishop (3rd Dan Tomiki), she trained under him for many years grading to 2nd Kyu (Blue Belt). Sensei Bishop passed away leaving Sensei Siddle to seek practice else where, she found another Tomiki Club and began to train under Sensei Cooper (4th Dan Tomiki) gaining her 1st Kyu (Brown Belt). Sensei Siddle was also training in Wado-Ryu Karate & for a while gave Tomiki up to train Wado Style, the system to which she found had Aikido in, this was to further her knowledge in the Martial Art World. The Wado Ryu Club changed Associations to the T.R.S.A.O.M.A, They approached Sensei Siddle & asked her to demonstrate the Tomiki system to which Sensei Siddle wrote out her revised syllabus on the Tomiki style & practiced with students to show the Tomiki Style, the T.R.S.A.O.M.A was impressed with her knowledge of Tomiki that they assessed her under exam conditions and after a year of testing presented her with her Shodan degree in Tomiki Aikido(11/10/2018).

We are a family run Tomiki Aikido Club,
Founded on 1st March 2019
We run our licence's & Insurance Through
The Rising Sun Association of Martial Arts,
All our training records are also registered
with T.R.S.A.O.M.A

We are fully insured with insurance certification
we are DBS certified
First Aid Certificate
All Kyu grade levels are gained through our dojo with
history of pass rate & level.
All Dan gradings are done through panel of Chief Instructor
& with a member of T.R.S.A.O.M.A Council.
We hold Instructors certificate from instructors courses
which include GDPR training
Child Protection
Health & Safety
Obligation policy
Advanced teaching Skills

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