All Dan Grades Listed Below Have Been Checked
That They Are Officially That Grade. We Don't Do Face Value
Or Your Word, We Ask For Proof Of Dan Grade.

Proof Required Are
1, Licence Book Signed & or Stamped by Last Association & Head Instructor Of Your Style.
2, Certificates, Again Stamped By Association & Signed by Head Instructor Of Your Style.

Failure to Prove Dan Grade Level Means
Your Not Placed On The Dan Grade Wall & Will Not Be
Classed As Dan Graded.

Soke & Sensei Darrel Haigh
6th Dan Wado Ryu
3rd Dan Shotokan
1st Dan Iaido
1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu

Tashi Lisa Dixon
3rd Dan Wado Ryu
1st Dan Shotokan
1st Dan Aikido

Sensei Christopher Hollings
2nd Dan Wado Ryu

Sensei Kelly Hanlon
2nd Dan Wado Ryu

Sensei Kyle Richardson
2nd Dan Wado Ryu
1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu
1st Iaido

Sensei Stephen Murphy
1st Dan Wado Ryu

Sensei Bruce Mackie
1st Dan Wado Ryu

We Hereby Accept The Person / s Named On The
Official Dan Grade Wall
That They Have Passed Their Level & Degree
In Their Chosen Style.
They Have Satisfied The Committee
The Rising Sun Association Of Martial Arts

Sensei Penelopy Siddle
1st Dan Aikido

The Rising Sun Association of Martial Arts
Is A Copy Written Trade Mark