4 Different Self-Defence C
ourses Available

Don't Want A Martial Art But Want To Learn To Defend Yourself?
we know that not everybody wants to join a club to learn karate or
a martial art BUT would like to learn some form of self defence, So why not book one of these courses?
they are private lessons, so only persons booked on these courses
are allowed in, making it more personal & private to you.

Our self defence courses
Are worked upon and around the general needs of normal self defence
and a standard way of been attacked.
To the more in-depth of personal male and female defence courses
were we look in to rape positions and how to get away before or
during the attack. We work within the law and how the law works
around self defence and the true do's and don'ts that the law states
we can and cannot do. The law its self states we use the minimal
amount of force necessary to get away, or control the opponent
and this can be hard to achieve or think about or understand as
we talk about it, never mind to think about while been attacked
this is why these courses can help.

Private Lesson
Don't want to be with other people or groups? If you have the room and want home teachings we can come to you, these are still run at 8 weeks courses. Call us for a chat & a price.
(Pivate lessons are at a different price to group sessions)

General Self Defence Course
This is a 7 / 8 week course for a mixed class, age from 14 years upwards and it is a mix of male and females all learning a self defence technique from grabs, punches and weapon attack. All self defence classes start at a novice level, for those who don't know how to protect themselves to those who have been in one or two scrapes but have walked away.
Self defence in all purpose is as it say's, a defence not to be used as an attack, again like karate or any martial art you must not want to learn these classes for fighting but for wanting to learn that if attacked you can take care of yourself enough to walk away. Please also know that with anything like karate or self defence it's not going to make you walk away un hurt, or make you in to super man/women but it teaches you enough to look out for danger and walk or run away from it before it starts. OR it gives you the ability to talk your way around it before it becomes violent.
Self defence and karate never says you will always win BUT it does say that you are more likely not to get in to danger and more likely to be able to walk away from an attack.

Male Only Self Defence Course
Age 16 years upwards.
To some may sound daft as males are for
seen as strong and able to punch and fight
their way through anything and at anytime or anyplace.
(What a crazy world we live in.) As today's society
show that men are just at risk from bullying and
rape as females in fact there are more male
rape case's these days than female.
The only difference is a male is more embarrassed
to go say that they have been raped than a woman.
Hence the male would not go seek police or
council help, males also in a relationship with
female partners are also now admitting that
it's the females that are becoming more dominant
and becoming violent towards them.
So you see males also need and do ask
for self defence classes, nothing to be a
shamed about wanting to learn how to control a
violent situation.

Female Only Self Defence Course
Age 16 years upwards.
Again looks in to all aspects of violent and
rape cases and gives them confidence and
control and the ability and knowledge to walk away.
Like all self defence courses especially in-depth course
try to teach how to stay calm at all times and how to try and control the situation to help them escape and
as victims often say "survive the ordeal".


Deposits are £10 to secure your place
(Please note deposits are
NOT refundable)
On the first night of the course (induction) the total cost
of the course must be paid in full
(NO part payments will be taken i.e 10 pound a week)
Please make sure that when dates and times are set you are able to attend the course as no refunds will be given.
Price quoted on this website are subject to change due to hall rent / charges. We Do try keep the price as low as we can but certain things are out of our control.

For more information or to contact us: Phone Sensei Darrel Haigh m.a.b.p :- 07858944598
E-mail:- senseidarrel@hotmail.co.uk

Before you book
a self defence course with us you will need.
A MINIMUM of 10 people.

A deposit of 10 to be taken of each person
to secure their place .

Persons name
and contact number Required
Per Person.
We can take cheque or pay in to our account.