Please Note That Seminars Are Chargeable Depending On Circumstances.

We Hold Special Seminars And Talks On Martial Arts
We Strip Down ALL Techniques Such As,

Kihon The Hidden Techniques
Kata Bunkai Basic Techniques
Kata Bunkai Hidden Set Up's
Karate History Why It Was Changed For Us
Kata Bunkai & Kyusho Jutsu

To Book A Seminar With Sensei Darrel Haigh m.a.b.p
6th Dan

You Can Either

Ring Us On 07858944598

E-mail Us at

Principles & Reasons Behind Yami

Hikatai Explination

Mawatei Example


Kyusho Jutsu Points
Struck By Oizuki & Principles Of 45 Deg

Gedan-Beri Full Working Of Technique
Kyusho Jutsu Hidden Within Gedanberi
Why Not Ask Us To Come
Visit At Your Dojo
And Get Our Input
And Thoughts On

Soshite-Part Of

Much More To This Karate
Than It First Seem's
So If Your Interested
Why Not Join Our Dojo
Or If Already With Another
Club But Not Taught This And Would
Like Us With Your Sensei's Permition
To Come Show And Tell
Then Contact Us.